Update quick tips for new WordPress users

4.7 VAUGHAN (pronounced "von")

Some quick tips for new WordPress users who have never been through a software update.
DON'T PANIC. New WordPress users, don't panic. The latest version of WordPress, 4.7, named "Vaughan", for Jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan, has been released. (Lest anyone forget, AOSPDX is also a UNESCO participant for International Jazz Day, and know we love this naming sequence.)
WHAT THIS MEANS. It will look like you have not been diligent in updating your plug-ins. No, this is not the case. Every time a new version of the WP software is released, developers will often make changes to their plug-ins, apps and widgets to make them as functional as possible.
PLUG-IN CONFLICTS. So, this week, you will see all sorts of updates. Be patient, do them as you can, and understand just because it has been updated, this does not mean it will always work 100% right off the bat. Sometimes, conflicts arise, and it may take a couple of updates for everything to work properly. Giving feedback to your theme developer, app and widget developers and WordPress will help them to alleviate the issue. Often, your problem is not unique and others may have already contacted the appropriate developers. Check the following link, https://wordpress.org/support/, which will direct you to the WordPress user forums website for assistance.
SOMETIMES, IT'S NO ONE'S FAULT. As I have written previously, plug-in developers are not required to consistently perform updates to the items available for free download on WordPress. Some plug-ins are meant as test of someone's skill set, and are only created once. Sometimes, a company that developed the plug-in has been sold or closed, meaning a compatible update has not or will not occur. Always check to see when the last update was done to a particular plug-in. Six months is typically a good barometer of how well a plug-in is supported. If it is any longer than that, consider a new plug-in altogether or utilize a paid one. Because ultimately, you (or the person you designate as your webmaster) is responsible for the functionality of all of the things on your site. Not WordPress, not your web host, etc. 
WHERE TO START. I typically will start with the update first, then the themes, then the plug-ins, the major ones being first (like JetPack or WooCommerce) and then down to the smaller ones. This works well for me most of the time, as most of the things you will be updating regarding plug-ins will are tied to these major updates. 
AND, THE LADY HERSELF. Here's your Sarah Vaughan teaching moment. From 1958, a personal favorite of mine, "Tenderly". 
Love to you all. 
Ben "Bear" Brown Jr., owner

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