Let me not waste your time.
This document serves two purposes: to land a full-time, family wage position with benefits at a progressive employer or to obtain freelance clients. Concerning the latter, my rates are usually set on a per-project basis, and are very reasonable.  
Now, concerning the document itself:
A radical departure from the previous two digital poster resumes I have previously used.
With this most recent redesign of this website, I felt inspired to create a different type of resume that illustrated more of my talents. This infographic poster, my first, should demonstrate, prospective client or employer, my skills in writing, illustration, layout, Adobe CS, layout and digital technology. 
Clicking on some of the icons while this document is in PDF form online will take you to different pages on this website. Some will not, and at least one will take you somewhere else. Not bad for something that for many is just words on paper. Please click on the button below to view or download. 
And, just like this website, the Easter Egg also lives on this document. Happy hunting. 
Last update: 07 July 2015