WordPress E-Commerce Client Sites

The following three images here are home pages of my most current WordPress E-Commerce sites. Please feel free to explore them.

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Coral Mallow

Mystic Productions Press

Short Films

These are the four most current short films I have created. All are accessible on my YouTube Channel, which can be accessed via each one of these small screens. The animated video was done in Flash, my first in that program.

My latest video is the Ace of Spades PDX 2015 promo, uploaded Friday, 23 January 2015 . For those wondering about the unusual layout of that particular clip, I purposely designed it to be viewed on a cell phone. When viewed on that platform, you retain all the pertinent information without cropping, and the space at the bottom allows easily for the playback and time elapsed bar without impeding on the clip. Share and enjoy.


Ace of Spades PDX Promo 2015

Paul and Julian’s Wedding

Stress Reliever (Music and Video)

Style Guide (strong language)