Because images and layout are not enough.

Many competent designers are well versed in the most used Adobe CS programs, including InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator. I have included work, all converted to PDF format for compatibility, here for your viewing, criticism and enjoyment. 

 What I personally find a little distressing: even though most designers work in an office environment, many of them do not possess even basic skills in MS office programs. I am not one of those designers. Included are Word, PowerPoint and Excel items to demonsrate my knowledge of those programs. 

 And, as a legacy item, I have included a Quark document. 





Sample covers, Paw Prints, Oregon Bears, 2005-2008 (largest club of its type in USA)
Media chairman and production manager, photography, layout, illustration, wrting, editing, advertising, pre-press

Nyxio Gives Promo

Indesign, with Illustrator and Photoshop files imported in, marketing materials and a model release.

Press Release

Word Document, with an imbedded image file, for Pride NW of Portland, OR